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You Aren’t God

In Matthew 14 Jesus, still within the 24 hours after hearing of John’s death, finishes a long day of healing the sick, sends his disciples out on their boat and goes away to recharge. When he comes back to them the storms are raging and He walks on water to the boat. Peter, walking on water to Jesus, like so many of us, gets distracted. When he starts to flounder he calls out. This is what I want to focus on, right here. Jesus doesn’t say to him, “focus on me and you’ll be fine!” Or “get it together so you don’t drown.”

He saves him.

He reaches out his hand and pulls Peter up out of the water and saves him.

Peter was looking into the literal eyes of God and got distracted, doubted, and sunk.

And Jesus pulled him out.

So. Why do we think we have to have it all together before we say the same words Peter said, “Lord save me?!”(matthew 14:21)

What makes us so much more efficient and self sufficient? Can I help you out (and me too in the process)? YOU ARE NOT GOD. You and I both are just people, and we were never meant to be God! He is really good at it, so let’s let Him be God and let’s let us be what we are - people, flawed and reliant on Him. It’s as it should be. It’s as it needs to be. And we will all be a little more relaxed and happy for it.

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