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Would You Sacrifice Your Child?

I am full of questions! In Genesis 22, the fear and respect that Abraham had of the LORD is commendable. God doesn’t tempt Abraham here but rather examines his heart - let’s just say Abraham passes with flying colors.

That he would not question God when his very own son was asked of him is astonishing and awe inspiring. I have to sit back and believe that Abraham knew God would either A) provide a substitute, B) raise Isaac from the dead, or C) give him another son. But the heartbreak that he must be experiencing!!! I can’t begin to process. And that feels selfish. I am just as human as he is and his faith is so much greater than mine - to sacrifice my own child - ummm nope, not going to happen.

And then there’s Isaac, about 20 years old. So in the prime of his life. You’re telling me he just laid there ?!?!?! What is going on with this family!! And why can’t I get my kids to obey like that 😳😱. Now hear me out, I do NOT advocate killing your children or your children letting you do so. I am just wondering how a 20 year old son doesn’t at least fight for his life when his father ties him to the prior and gets ready to stab him. Did he feed Isaac special mushrooms before for lunch? Can I get some for my kids?

I want that kind of faith.

God, I believe in your promises, help me with my hesitant heart. And God, thank you for not examining me like this, You push us each according to our faith. I love you, want to live for you. I don’t know if I would pass this one and I am sorry.

This is why Abraham is a giant of the faith and I just a sojourner on this earth doing the best I can.

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