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Proverbs 20:Words to Live By

Verses 3-11-22 you find ways to stay above reproach and out of trouble. It's like a playbook of sorts and I am so glad we have it. Oftentimes I find myself seeing proverbs as my playbook. “It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife, but every fool with be quarreling.....even a child is known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and not say ‘I will repay evil; wait for the LORD, and He will deliver you.’ “. So basically here we have to 1) stay far away from arguments if at all possible, but if drawn in, be pure and upright, above reproach in all things. And if all that doesn’t work, and you are slandered and hurt, and drug through the mud; walk away with a smile and let God repay and keep your head held high.

I believe God knows it's easier said than done but GODS words are always best to life by. And because He loves us, He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us! He wants us, no, He requires us as His followers to life a life above reproach. He gives us the tools to accomplish this. Alls it takes is our willingness, practice, and learning to lean on the Holy Spirit. When we do, we will be a calm in the store, a lighthouse in the dark. That's what God wants!

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