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What's Your Why?

Good morning and Happy President’s Day! I am curious, what is your “why”? I was listening to one of my favorite people last week. If you have never listened to Emily P. Freeman in The Next Right Thing, go listen to her wherever you listen to podcasts and then go buy her book, also titled, “The Next Right Thing”. You can get three copies for the price of two (at the writing of this) right now on Amazon. Trust me, you will want to share them, so this is a great deal. She was subsequently talking to another favorite person of mine to listen to, Michael Jr., who is a comedian and who also has his own podcast. They were talking about punch lines and set ups. This got me thinking, what is your why? We all have stuff that we do. We all have things we want to achieve. We all strive for various achievements, material accumulations, gratifications, basic necessities; but what is the meaning behind what we do? What is your “Why”? Why do you teach, work, deliver mail, run a business, create, stay home, manage people, act, dance, study for the next degree, run electricity, bake, work on plumbing, write code? The list goes on and on and can be anything. Michael Jr. says in his discussion with Emily P. Freeman that “Your setup is about what you have received, but your punchline is about what you’re called to deliver.” This got me thinking. Your “set up” is what you have, and your punchline is your “why” it’s what we do with what God has given us. God doesn’t give us blessings and allow hardships just for kicks. There is always a reason because He is a God of order, and He is a just God. Your “why” can be for your family or it can be for your country, (Hello George Washington, Abraham Lincoln). George Washington knew his why. He knew what God wanted him to do, and knew it was bigger than him. He could have taken the easier path, but he knew it would still be waiting. He said, "I had rather be on my farm than emperor of the world". and " Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do then do it with all your might." He knew, he got it.

But we all have a “why”, a “punchline”. it doesn't have to be running a country. It simply means looking out past yourself at the reason why you do what you do with what you have instead of just using your skills. What is your why? Don’t know? Michael Jr. says in his discussion that if you don’t know, you will feel a void and keep trying to fill it with more stuff or the next thing. More recognition, more stuff, more promotions, the next thing or step, better cars, more activities to fill the time. We won’t have fulfillment until we can fill that void and find that “why”. Here's a clue, your "why" won't be for you. You have to look past yourself. So, here’s to the “why” and the figuring it out. If you want to figure it out and need help discerning your next right move, I encourage you again to check out Emily P. Freeman’s podcast and book of the same title “The Next Right Thing” (link below). She is a soothing voice in a world of chaos. If you know your “why” I applaud you, you are making a difference and it matters. Even if you don’t, you are making a difference in the process, keep being you and being Jesus to a world in need.

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Click HERE for The Next Right Thing Podcast with Michael Jr.

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