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Go Back To The Beginning

Every now and then we need to go back. go back to where it all started and revisit the faith that we had when we first discovered Christ. Where do you go when you do that? Have you ever done that? Have you ever stopped and taken inventory of your faith and your walk and looked to make sure you are growing and moving and dynamic, not stagnant? It’s good. It’s good to stop and look. We do it regularly in other areas of our lives. Each year in January 1 we look back and take stock. We make resolutions and seem to try harder. When a major life event takes place we often will do the same. All it takes is a marriage or death to send us flying to the reevaluation pages of our journals. The same needs to be done in our faith walk, lest we become robots and never grow, or never realize how far we’ve come! Five churches are addressed in Revelations. What’s wrong with them? Well for some it’s just this, they have lost their first love. They have grown luke warm. They have turned away and love the world more. I don’t want that! My children, for Mother’s Day, gifted me with the most beautiful hard copy, coffee table, illustrated copy of Genesis (they nailed it by the way😊). The company Alabaster Co. at is turning books of the Bible into the most beautiful works of art. I was floored and touched and speechless. But while looking at it I started thinking about the perfect thoughtfulness of it. We all need to go back to the beginning every now and then. Genesis, where it all began. Take stock. Evaluate where we have come and where we are going. Ask forgiveness and seek guidance. And thank God for another day.

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