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Thoughts on grace

I’ve been reading in Ezekiel over the past two weeks; it’s a pretty heavy book. I am lucky to have a group of people to do it with and commentaries to turn to when I get confused. Through all of the judgements and warnings and all the horrible things that are listed, one can get pretty down. I am forced to take a good hard look at my own sin and the state of our own nation today (we aren’t much differently than the Israelites if you were wondering). But laced in all of that what I did notice was hope. Like a silk ribbon woven into a wool garment, there is hope. No matter how large the sin, how big the blunder, how awful the crime, Gods grace is bigger. He always has a plan and a rescue - if we will just turn and repent. Repent and follow Him. That’s all He asks. And if you look at it that way, it can’t get much better than that. ☺️

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