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There Are No Favorites

Galatians 2: 1-10

I have always been happy at home because it is safe. I have no one to impress. It’s my domain and everyone here loves me. My kids all hug me at night (even if they defy me mid way through the day) and my husband adores me. But spend any amount of time in the world and I compare myself to others. I want what they have and I don’t feel good enough. There are those who have more and seem to have it all together. There are those that, no matter what, seem to always be just one step ahead. And then there are those I meet that really truly know Jesus. There eyes are on fire and their manners are so gentle. They are truly always in the moment and they are 100% genuine. They walk their faith and live it out in all they do. And I feel 100% inadequate in mine when I am with them. But the scriptures tell us in Galatians 2:6 that God shows no partiality. It is here that I have to step back and remind myself that I too am a child of the one true King. That I too will inherit heaven and that I am loved by the creator of the universe. Paul was called by God for a specific mission. He was not swayed by the credentials or the stardom of the apostles. He was grounded in the fact that he was called by the God of the universe to be a beacon of hope to the Gentiles. I too must remember that I have been called to be a light to those around me by my Abba Father and I am precious in His sight. Others have been called for their own journey. I must keep my eyes on my own, knowing all the while that I am loved.

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