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The Tombs

In finishing Genesis, I am taken back to the tomb of Abraham, Isaac, and now Jacob. Rebecca, Leah, and Sarah are also buried there. It’s interesting that after all this time, we can still visit this site and find people still worshiping there. That Israelites and Muslims come every day to pray and bow down. That communities have been built around this site, battles have been waged. Yet as we were made from ashes, ashes are all that remain at this site. For the patriarchs of our faith are with Christ and that is who our eyes must turn to, where our prayers must be centered. I am saddened for those to whose faith lies with those patriarchs, lying dead, in a cave. They cannot help!! Thank God from whom we have the living Christ, who laid down his life and rose again. Defeating death and offering eternal life.

I am so appreciative of the story that we have been given. The history with Jesus woven like a golden thread throughout pointing to the freedom and salvation we have been offered. I pray for those still stuck in the story, missing the new chapters. That they will see the messiah is in the story and the scepter from Judah has already come and has indeed saved us is my prayer and the life I want to live, showing all I see.

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