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You've Been Set Up

Paul was set up. I don't mean in a bad was as in a crime set up, but he was set up for sure and so were you.Ever wonder why you liked photography for about 3 months when you were 16 and then journaling in your sophomore year of college? Why babysitting was your favorite was to earn money because you couldn't get enough too kids and then later wanted nothing to do with them in favor of retail? Keep thinking, I will circle round. Paul was God's chosen convert and what a convert he was! Zealot for the Jews, cleanser of the The Way, he was rounding up Christians and throwing them to the wolves. Until Christ got ahold of him. Why him? Of all people that could have been chosen to take the message to the Gentiles, Saul, really? Here in lies the set up. Saul was a Roman citizen, by birth. Saul was an educated Pharisee of the strictest order (his words). He was smart and able to debate. He could go places most Jews couldn't and was afforded rights no other Jew was afforded. Perfect! Who would have thought? Umm, God did. And God knew this from he beginning. He also knew what it would take to get Saul on the winning team!

He is doing the same with you my friend. You are being set up. How in the world would all those likes you had growing up work together? I don't have a clue ~ but God does. He is a master weaver and is weaving your perfect tapestry. Those likes above about could be the woman who is the owner of her own photography studio and is renowned in her area for working with children and families. Who in her extra time, brings light to lost kids by telling their stories to those who need to hear it and advocating for their right to have a home. What's your story? What is God setting you up for?

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