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Sin is Fun, But is It Worth It?

Proverbs 7: Verse 4: “say to wisdom, ‘you are my sister,’ and call insight your intimate friend.” It can’t be just something you obtain but must be as much a part of you as family. Wisdom needs to be held in high regard, closer than the closest of friends. I love this because we would give our lives for our family, and should do as much, for the wisdom that is offered us through our Father, and we only need seek it with a pure heart.

I also thought about the prostitute. But since I don’t frequent prostitutes, I was drawn to the thought of her as sin in general. The more wealthy and “ok” and upright it seems on the surface, the more likely we are to follow sin. Here we have a prostitute who makes a point of mentioning that she just made her peace offering at the temple (vs14) making her seem good and ok. She flaunts her wealth (who doesn’t like nice things) and promises a good time and flattery. Sin does the same thing. And the more it does these things - the more easy it is to fall for sin. I mean of course! If sin weren’t fun - no one would do it! But the wages of sin is death and the repercussions here on earth are numerous. It’s always better to side with wisdom, because the aftermath sucks.

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