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Proverbs 17: A Brother is Born For Adversity

“A friend loves at all times but a brother is born for adversity.” I don’t have a sibling anymore. I had one brother and he had many problems. He took his life almost 4 years ago and ended his struggle with the many demons in his head. I have very few true friends that I can truly say I trust, less than there are fingers on one hand. So this verse had to be read maybe 4-5 times and then I had to read the notes on it. “A true friend is a constant source of love while a brother in ones family may not be close, but is drawn near to help in trouble. Friends are closer than brothers because they are available all the time, not just in crisis.” Is what the commentary said.

My only true reference is my children. I mean, my brother would have killed for me and, truly in a few situations in my past, almost did (we grew up pretty rough). As adults, no matter how bad things got, we always had each other’s backs up until the end. The one true regret of my life is not being there for him the last six months of his life.

But back to my kids- I see them living their lives as young adults. They have their friends and they have their communities. But I have seen, over and over again, at the drop of a hat, the six of them rally around each other and leave their entire worlds to be there for each other. Even with the two babies (numbers 7 and 8), they will come and help if I call.

God knows us. He knows our hearts. He puts it in his love letter to us so that WE know that HE KNOWS. That way, we have no reason to ever doubt - He has our back. Because even though He knows, He Still Loves Us!

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