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Proverbs 16: Just One More Kiss Goodnight

I am sitting here reading proverbs as my children sleep soundly in their beds. This is only because it is not yet 6am. If it were 10pm they would be yelling at me to come back for “one more Kiss” and I would have a choice to make. I could yell at them across the house to "go to sleep"; or I could get off the couch and go give them that "one more kiss"... again; and again just as I did the night before, and the night before 😂. Verse 24 of Proverbs 16 tells us that "Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the souls and health to the body." I like to think that the same is for our actions. In that moment I could either send them to bed sad and alone or full of love and reaffirmation that they are indeed part of a whole, cherished and wanted. I also would need reminding that these moments will pass before I know it and the day will indeed come when the request for "one more secret kiss" won't come and I will be the one wanting to go back just one more time.

God had made us all for a purpose and a plan that has meaning and value. It may not be our plan, and it may seem tedious in the day to day. But HE knows what it is, and it will glorify HIm. And, if we will let it, it will bless us in the process.

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