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Proverbs 14: On laughter.

In today’s society I will say that the second half of verse 30 - envy makes the bones rot- is the most ironic verse and made me laugh out loud. Isn’t that what we are all about as a nation? Isn’t that what drives us? We have to be the best, we envy those who are better. We get the better car, the better purse, the nicer house (or things in it), not because we appreciate them but because we see others with it and we want all the things for ourselves. We are perfectly content with all we have UNTIL we start to see our peers have something better. Then all of a sudden, what we have isn’t enough. It’s sad, maybe that’s why all those rich people we see have so much work done and are in therapy? They are never happy and it will never be enough (But every now and then, I will admit, I want the purse they have or the car they drive. Not gonna lie).

But the first part of that verse is so much more enticing - “a tranquil heart gives life to the flesh”. SO why don’t we go after that?!?!?! UGH, I am so in a hate relationship with the fact that we are human sometimes!!! To have that tranquil heart (for more than a moment) you have to have Jesus! and the difference between the laughter of someone without Jesus is that it can be hollow and sad and full of nothingness. BUT with Jesus, no matter the pain and sorrow and sadness - we have the joy and the hope only He can bring. And THAT laughter is a whole new laughter. We know there is so much more to this world than just THIS world and we have the hope that lay in Jesus. Have you ever heard a child's laughter when they are truly delighted about something? When they find something magical? It's that true joy laughter (the one that reminds you of a fairy out by a brook)! That laughter that comes with the knowledge that you are truly and completely loved and that nothing this world can bring will take away that love. This world can bring loneliness, tears, disappointment, bitterness, horrible blows that will rock your world and change the whole path you THOUGHT you were on. BUT, when you have Jesus, you will still find a way to laugh. Please, look to Him. Let him settle your heart. Let Him bring you joy. Let Him help you laugh. It's worth it, promise. Nothing compares.

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