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Proverbs 10: It Takes Work

Compare and contrast. It would be much easier to just say, “Be wise, it’s better and will serve you well.” But Solomon just had to make his point! What I really like that I don’t remember seeing elsewhere is in verse 15 “a rich mans wealth is his strong city; the poverty of the poor is their ruin.” Its true, without the means to buy what you need to survive, you are ruined. BUT this can be used to preach the prosperity gospel and bring so many people to ruin. It surprised me to see it in scripture plain as day like that. I do love that we are told again and again that to be lazy will bring ruin upon us. Even in the New Testament we are told to look at the ants of the field and how they toil all summer long to bring food to their store houses. We are told that to be lazy will bring us to our ruin. We are told in another scripture that idle hands are the devils playground (Prov. 16:27-29). I believe that when we are told something over and over again - take note it is important and needs to be heeded as it will affect us. This needs to be looked at daily in our lives and examined across the board. It’s not enough to say “I study hard so I am good” or “I’m a good athlete and I train hard” God wants us to work hard in al aspects of our lives and to do ALL for HIS glory- or it’s all for nothing. That we would remember that every day.

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