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Palm Sunday: Who is Your God?

Israel was always trying to replace God in their life. So do we. What do we turn to to replace God? Who is our God? Is it work? Is it friends? Money? Things? Is it streaming TV? The next social justice agenda item for you to rally behind? Our children? Why is it that we turn to anything and everything but God to be god to us?

We call upon God and we beg Him for something over and over because we believe that is what is best for us. Then, when we get it, we realize that's not what we really wanted at all. That's why we are never really happy, we can't be! We get the god's we are after, we enjoy them for a while, when they are on the pedestal we have them on. Then when they fall off, lose their luster and don't measure up, we move on. We are on to the next best thing, the next god. We keep looking for what's next, we can't rest. None of these things can give you true rest. The only true peace you will ever find is in Jesus. Stop looking! No, it is not in the flash of media. No, it is not in the status of the nice car. It is not making sure our children have the best of everything. It is not going to be in the accolades of a job well done. But who wants that really? They are all fun and well and good for a time, but they end.

Jesus, my friend, will be found in the still quiet of the morning with your open bible, when it is just you and no one else. When you don't have to cover your tears or emptiness or fears, or regrets. Where you will be met and healed. You will find Jesus when you slow down enough for that little hand to catch up and slip into yours, and let your footsteps match, and just be. You will find God when you go to bed and set the alarm, because you have the trust that yes, there will still be a tomorrow and yes, there is still work to be done with your partner Jesus and yes, you are still being refined, and that is ok. Because you are being refined by the one that made you and loves you, and covers your sins with his love. And the sun will still rise, and the seasons will still come. There is hope and there is trust. You will find Jesus when you can honestly say YES LORD, I need you. You are my God and I am yours, and You are my KING.

In 1 Samuel 8:20 the Israelites didn't want God to be their king. They wanted an inferior shadow of a king. They wanted on of us to fight for them. "...that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles..." And God let them have that. Then, God came to us... Jesus came bringing peace and he will return bringing justice. God had already planned to be our king on earth but we were too impatient. Please, will you enter his peace? It is the only true peace. The only lasting peace there is.

If you have never hear of it, the Easter Now App is a great way to experience the Holy Week. It is free and will walk you through Holy Week in real time. I encourage you to download it and turn on it's notifications. I will be praying that as you enter Holy Week, you find the peace that only Jesus can give.

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