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Never Forget.....

Proverbs 5

May I never forget the love I had for the Lord when I first found him. I don’t mean as I was growing up in the church, we hear about the Lord all our lives in one way or another. But I mean when He is truly found and invades our hearts and minds and takes over our lives. That kind of love that consumes us. When I couldn’t get enough of His word and was truly sad that other duties called. When every line, I felt, spoke to me and filled my heart. It all made sense for the first time! God wants us to never forget that love. Like a man never forgetting the wife of his youth, we are to love Him so that we don’t seek happiness and answers anywhere else. That I would not turn away and allow myself to share my loyalties with the worldview around me daily, I pray. That I would stay true to the love if my youth and follow my God until He brings me home, I pray.

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