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Matthew 6: Direct Your Focus

Where is your focus? Where is mine? Why do we do what we do? If we are honest we would have to say we, to some degree, do it so that others will like us. So that we will feel accomplished. So that we will feel accepted, good about ourselves, worthy to be here and have all the blessings we have. We get stuck in the cycle of feeling like we have to earn our blessings. And then we are worn out and tell ourselves we “deserve” a break, or me time, that vacation. Because being worthy is hard work!

But is that what we are called to do? Is that the blueprint Jesus laid out for us? According to Matthew 6, it’s quite the opposite. There Jesus tells us to pray, but to do so in private so that only God knows what we are doing. And when we help others, stay anonymous so that our reward will be from heaven and not to do it “in order to be seen by them (people)” vs1 when we are blessed, to not give ourselves all the “treasures” of this earth - they will rot and don’t last. Besides, there’s greater treasure in heaven. And if you think about it - it’s less to take care of 😉. When our focus stays on Jesus, it can’t be on yourself. When we are doing the work of Jesus, for Jesus, there’s no way we will “be so tired” and deserve a break” because the focus isn’t on us. Our strength won’t be coming from our limited resources. And God will be our refuge. We can only have one master. We can chose to make ourselves our own god and constantly be worn out, needing a break, feeling under appreciated and always needing more (exactly where Satan wants you), or we can serve The one true God. The God who has a well that never runs dry. The one who will hold you up when you start to stumble and who has the answers when you begin to question.

Get off the treadmill. Redirect your focus and hone in on your God and master. There’s a promise from him and He is a promise keeper. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (what you need daily and then some) will be added to you.” Vs 33. He’s not gonna leave you hanging. He’s got you. Get some laser focus on Him and take it off yourself - you can’t do the things He can do. It’s not your job.

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