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Matthew 5:9 Step 7. Make Nice

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall become sons of God.”

I want peace. I’m sure you want peace, who wouldn’t! It’s getting peace that’s a different story. Ever try to make peace only to have it be the most frustrating thing you have ever done and have it blow up in your face? Me too. But when you look at it, it all falls back on you. And it’s a heart issue. That’s why it comes after the beatitudes that look at your heart. Clever how God works, 😉. To deal with conflict with others, first we have to deal with our own sin self. there’s a reason this is step 7. We have to look at steps 1-6 and see where we are on those character traits first! (I know, it all sounds so therapy like, sorry). Look at them. Prayerfully and with an open mind ask God to show you how you compare with them. Am I poor in spirit? Do I mourn over my sin? Am I truly meek before God and with respect to other people? Do I truly hunger and thirst after righteousness, not only in my conduct, but also in my heart? Am I merciful toward others who sin against me because I am aware of how merciful God has been to me? Do I seek a singleness of heart toward God based on the fact that I am no longer my own, but rather am Christ’s possession? And if I am truly His possession, then does it really matter how I am treated? Because that is His business.

If so, if all this is true of our inner self, we should possess a deep sense of humility. Then, and only then are we in a position of becoming peacemakers. Because then there is no “self” agenda. As we grow to be more like Christ, we will be more able to see these things in ourselves. If you aren’t there yet, keep striving toward it. We won’t be perfect until we are with Jesus so don’t give up! Stay in the word and never stop talking to Him! He is FOR YOU!!!

”Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

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