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Matthew 5:8 Step 6. It’s a Heart Issue

”Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

But what’s a pure heart? I’m good, but if I’m not perfect, because I’m not Jesus, what then? What exactly constitutes a “pure heart” and how do I make mine pure? Is it even attainable and once there, how do I keep it there? And is it even something I do - like a workout program? First world questions, right? Sure, we live in a first world society and I am guessing you do too. It’s shallow on the outside, I know, but really sincere. Do you want a pure heart? Let me ask it this way. Do you want to see God? That’s the promise. Be careful. Think about it. I do. I want to see God. Here, in the everyday.

To do that I need to have an undivided, single focus unrelenting passion of following Him. It cannot be hypocritical, have any deceit, it cannot be for any gain. It cannot be for show but must be an internal driving force coming from my soul, born out of love for my creator, not one driven by want of fame or recognition by people.

Do you see the difference? Love others because HE LOVES ME and I LOVE HIM.

when we do that, love others because He loves us, we get a glimpse of what Jesus saw. We get to see the real people; not just the people we put out there for others to see. And when people open themselves up, we get to see a little bit of God. We get to see His work and it’s amazing! And we get to partner in that work. And we see things happen that can only be His work and then, we will never be the same. So again, think about it. Because when you have a pure heart that truly seeks God, you allow Him to change you and you can’t go back. It is indeed life changing. But I can promise you won’t regret it my friend.

”Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

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