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Look Like a Fool, It’s OK

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Often when you follow God you don’t look put together. Often when you follow God, you set ourselves up for mockery and ridicule. Often, when you follow God, you risk being left out and being the butt of one offs. Jacob was the chosen one. He was the one of the promise. He had the lineage and the promise of kings and descendants. He was Gods people. Yes he had wealth in livestock, that was great. But Esau, he had it all together! He had descendants as well. He also had tribes and governments! He had a system and was working it! Edom (as he was known), had a whole kingdom already! He owned land while Jacob was still in tents! When you are following God, you risk looking like a fool in the eyes of the world. But God is bigger than the world. God is greater than the world. And Gods plans are better than the world. So hang tight, trust God, He has your best interest at heart. He won’t let you down.

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