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Lent Readings and Video

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

If you were intrigued by my Lent Post and thought, hmmm I would like to do something but am a little lost, my daughter has put together a Lenten reading list along with video that she will be following. We would love it if you would like to jump in and join us! Join us for all of it or for whatever parts you can. We would love your comments and feedback. I will post all of the readings here and will also post the daily readings as the day begins.

Lent Readings 2021

Feb 18 - March 14th: Read 2 Chapters of Genesis a day

Feb 18th: Watch Bible project video “Overview Genesis 1-11”

Feb 23rd: Watch Bible project video “Overview Genesis 12-50”

Feb 25th: Watch Bible project video “Covenants”

March 15th - 21st: Read 2 chapters of Exodus a day (conclude at Exodus 15:1-21)

March 15th: watch Bible project video “the book of exodus - part 1”

March 22nd: Read Exodus 15:1-21

March 23rd: watch Bible project video “the book of Deuteronomy” Read Deuteronomy 1-5

March 24th: Read Deuteronomy 6-10

March 25th: Read Deuteronomy ch11 & Jeremiah ch2-3 Watch Bible project video “The Law” and “Sin”

March 26th: Watch BP video “overview Hosea” Read Hosea ch1-5 & Ezekiel ch16

March 27th: Read Hosea ch6-10

March 28th: Read Hosea ch11-14 & Ezekiel ch18

March 29th: Watch BP video “overview Ruth” Read all of Ruth and Ezekiel ch34

March 30th: Read John 11:45-12 & Hebrews ch1-2 watch Bible project video “overview Hebrews”

March 31st: Read John ch13-14 & Hebrews ch3-4

April 1st: Read John ch15-17 & Hebrews ch5-7

April 2nd: Read John ch18-19 & Hebrews 8-10 watch Bible project video “the crucifixion of Jesus:Luke 19-23”

April 3rd: Read Psalm 22, 62, and 63 & Hebrews ch11-13 & watch Bible project video “sacrifice and Atonement”

April 4th: Read John ch20-21, Psalm ch24 and 29, & 1st John ch3

April 5th: Watch Bible Project video “The Resurrection of Jesus:Luke 24” Read 1st Corinthians ch15

April 6th / 7th - whenever: Take at own pace

April 6th: Read Acts 1-7 and watch the bible project video “pentecost: acts 1-7”

April 7th - whenever: Bible Project video “Overview Romans 1-4” Read Romans at own pace once starting Romans ch5, watch “Overview Romans 5-16 (or watch all together)

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