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John 4

John 4

Vs 26”I who speak to you am He

Can you imagine the savior of the world, first telling you all of your deepest secrets, but then declaring openly that He is indeed savior of the world?! I am just not sure what I would do. In this day and age, I would probably laugh at him. That is so sad isn’t it? But then again we have access to each other’s personal information like no other time in history. So if a man came up and told me my secrets I would wonder how he got my social and records 😂

Jesus declared openly that he was the Christ, not to a Jew (even though he came for the Jews first), but to a Samaritan (and a Samaritan woman no less!). Jews and Samaritans had absolutely nothing to do with each other. They hated each other. So why??? It would take someone who didn’t already have a preconceived notion and a political agenda to be able to see the truth for what it was, what it is. The Samaritans were descendants of Jacob just as were the Jews but they were NOT considered part of the “it” crowd, they didn’t worship in Jerusalem. Geez, talk about high school drama. But Jesus uses this to reveal himself to someone who is open and willing to hear. She knew who the messiah was supposed to be and was ready! The big question of the day (are you ready?): So where is it ok to worship? And Jesus puts that one to rest as well. vs23-24: “but the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the father is seeking such people to worship Him. He is spirit and those who worship Him must worship him in spirit and truth.” Where? In our SPIRIT! God cannot be contained. I am not saying abandon your corporate worship. We NEED each other and there is a place for that. The church IS it's people. I am saying, worship, true authentic worship doesn't have to relegate itself to a specific place, in specific four walls, on a specific day. It is everywhere and in all we do. It is in every breath we take and in every word we speak. We can worship as we put a bandaid on a child's knee. As we smile (with our eyes these days under our mask) as a person passes us in Walmart while their child is climbing over the cart and they are at their wits end, and we grab the box of cereal that child yanks from the shelf and just place it back and keep going. We worship when we DON'T yell at the car in front of us but instead pray for their maybe hectic day as well. We worship when we wash the dishes - because we actually have dishes to wash, and when we flush the toilet because yes, we have a home and a warm place, and a bathroom. And it's cold outside.

I pray that the Holy Spirit lifts us up and reminds us that indeed the Father is right here with us, every second of every day and we were made to worship. I pray that I Let everything I do today be an act of worship. For indeed I am grateful that I have received the “spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (Vs 14). It’s the least I can do!

I always welcome your thoughts!

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