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John 18: The Set Up

John 18:

I find it interesting that Pilot, who has half a brain, tries to get out of killing Jesus. Pilot tries to get out of it because he isn’t threatened by Jesus. He isn’t a Jew. So why didn’t he just absolve him and let him go? This goes to show the absolute power and control Jesus had over the whole situation. He came to do this. He wasn’t going to let anything derail it. When Peter tried to fight by cutting off Malchus’ ear - Jesus heals it and tells him “shall I not drink the cup that the Father had given me?”

This was His time and he could soon go home. Two side stories are going on.

1) He is still teaching at this point. They strike him when with the High Priest and Jesus says “If what I said is wrong bear witness to what is wrong. But if what I said is right, why do you strike me?” Reminds me of a parent who is being mistreated and is still patiently teaching. I stand in awe, really I do.

2) Peter denies Christ 3 times. We have all heard about it. He says he will fight for him and die for Him but when it comes down to it, Peter chokes. He denies even knowing Christ, just as Christ said he would. We will see redemption and even the chance for Peter to tell Jesus he loves him 3 times after this so hang tight!

The darkest hours are coming. But as we all know - the darkest hours are always just before the dawn.

**I want to point out a historical note here. It says they couldn’t go in Pilots home because they would be defiled and wanted to eat the Passover. It also stated that Jesus had already eaten the Passover meal. So why did the disciples eat the Passover meal on Thursday? The answer here lies in a difference among Jews and the way they viewed the beginning and ending of days. From Josephus and other ancient sources we have learned that the Jews in the Northern part of Israel calculated the days from sunrise to sunset (Jesus and all the disciples except Judas grew up in that region) and the Jews in the south where Jerusalem was centered, calculated days from sunset to sunset. So during Passover it allowed for the feast to be celebrated on two adjoining days and the temple sacrifices to be made for a total period of four hours instead of two. On that basis, the seeming contradictions in the gospel accounts are easily explained!

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