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Jesus and Teachers (Luke 24:15-29)

I have always found the best way, and most effective way to teach is to be both respected and enjoyed. I have been in classrooms where the students immediately sleep, and of course, there can be no learning. I have been in classrooms where it is every day party day, again, getting to the meat is almost impossible. Jesus knew this. He could enjoy the party, and provide the wine as well as command the attention of 5,000, and they couldn't get enough of him. He was the ultimate teacher. We see it laid out after his resurrection on day 1. Traveling on the road to Emmaus he encounters two disciples. They were discussing. Ever the teacher he does four things all truly great teachers do and that we can take note of.

  1. Assess the situation. Even though Jesus is all knowing, He takes in the lay of the land and walks alongside his disciples. (Vs 15) You see, a good teacher doesn't need to be better or stand over their students; they need to stand next to them. They need to relate or a student will never open up enough to be taught!

  2. Ask questions. (Vs 15) Jesus walks with the men and then after listening to what is happening asks "what is this dispute?" After listening some more, digs deeper and asks even more questions "What things?" Then they speak of things that have happened. A great teacher gets to the bottom of the questions being asked so as to give the right answer.

  3. Explain the answer and teach from there. (Vs 27) Scripture tells us that "Beginnjng with Moses and the prophets He interpreted for them the things concerning himself and scriptures." And Jesus did it in such a way that He was relatable and engaging. If we didn't already have all of the gospels to show us this ....

  4. Be good company. (Vs 28-29) Tells us that when he gave the impression that he was leaving they asked him to stay with them. So he stayed.

Assess the situation

Ask questions

Explain and teach

Be good company

As an educator in todays world I can take comfort knowing that Jesus, as always is teaching me how to live. I know

He is the ultimate source in every aspect of every life. I thank him for the gift of His word, always alive, always teaching.

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