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Genesis 47-48: It's a Matter of Perspective

When you have time to change your perspective, life gets a whole lot sweeter. The sky is a little clearer, and it’s just easier to breathe. When Jacob came to Egypt, he viewed his days as filled with adversity and bitterness (even after being reunited with Joseph!). He tells Pharaoh, “few and evil have been the days of the years of my life....” (47:9). He still doesn’t get it! Still, at 130 years of age, he is seeing only the negative and looking at himself. Listen, you will never, ever, ever be happy if you are only looking inward. If you are only focusing on your own problems and trials and problems, and never look outward; it will never happen my friends. It is impossible. Until Jacob looked up and around and saw all that God had done, the big huge picture laid out - there couldn’t be happiness. We also cannot see true joy until we see the big picture. Sure we can see happy days and have fun. But I am talking about true joy. The kind that stands up in the midst of all the turmoil and presents itself as a calm peace knowing that my god’s got this and I am safe. That no matter what may happen - I am loved and well cared for. That if all else fails on this earth, I will be in the arms of my savior in heaven, so I win. That while I am here, I am loved with a passion I could never imagine in my wildest crazy dreams. And because of that - I am going to be just fine.

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