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It Is Enough

I just read Genesis 42-45. It is the story of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt. There have been Bible studies upon Bible studies in Joseph, his brothers, siblings, Gods Providence, how all things work for a purpose. One can find them anywhere. The story is well known and a great read as well. But I will tell you what got me. After reading this story for the, I don’t even know how many hundredth time, It was the last line in chapter 46. Verse 28. And it brought me literally to open weeping. “ And Israel said, ‘It is enough; Joseph my son is still alive. I will go see him before I die.’ “

As a parent, that love, it’s a love that cannot be described. Unless you are also a parent, and then you get it. Nothing else matters. Imagine believing your child is dead for 16 years. No body, no burial, just gone. A lifetime of pain and then to hear that child lives. That indeed would be enough. I have children at home and children who have grown and are out there doing there thing. They have lives and families and are not under my roof every day anymore. My chest constricts and fills all at the same time just thinking about not knowing if I would ever see them again. I can’t imagine the pain, but my heart knows that there would be a hole so big, the Grand Canyon would look like a grain of sand. To know that child is alive and well would indeed be enough.

You guys, that’s how God feels when we come home! God certainly doesn’t need us, He is GOD. But, He created us to worship Him and to be with Him and He loves us so much that He knowingly and with forethought, sacrificed His child for us. So, with the knowledge I have of the love for my own children, I can say that when we come home and commune with Christ, loving and living for our own Father and creator, He will say - it is enough. And we will live to worship as we were created. And it will be enough.

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