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I have the Holy Spirit (Eph.1:13-14)

About a week ago I was on the phone with one of my sons. I was telling him about some things that were happening in our house that really upset me and how I was handling them with the littles. There had been some destruction of property and I had it. Now this son does not live at home anymore. He has been gone for a few years and lives out of state. He comes home about once a year and deeply loves all the littles in our life. I meant these stories for fun as this son found himself in similar predicaments quite often as a child. Instead he said to me, "Mom, these are just children. You have the option to yell at them or teach them. That is up to you. Yes, they may have destroyed some property and yes you were upset. But how you handle it is your choice. You have the Holy Spirit to guide you.." Ummm... ouch! Can I just tell you that was NOT what I wanted to hear from my son? I know exactly how to handle those situations thank you and I have said those exact words to all my children before, and how dare he throw them back at me? He is NOT my parent thank you VERY much! But you know what? He is right.

The Bible tells me I have been sealed with the Holy Spitit. If I am a believer in Christ, if I have put my faith in Jesus and laid down my life to follow Him and be His apprentice, I have been sealed. The Holy Spirit sealed me and is the guarantor of my inheritance which is eternity with God.

Let's let that sink in for a second. We go to church and sing songs that invite the Holy Spirit to come to us and be with us. That is not necessary and puts us in a very wrong god-like position. We are in no place to invite god in any form. The Holy Spirit took up residence and sealed us when we recognized our need for a savior and surrendered our life to the only one who could save us and who did already save us by paying the debt owed for our sin. He is already with us - guiding us, wooing us, courting us daily to live a life worthy of being His ambassadors here on this planet where so many are in need of seeing His love. We don't get to invite the Holy Spirit. We get to Thank God for Him. Then we get to go out and live a life mirroring Gods love with the Holy Spirits help so that others may see and also know the way to true life.

My son was right. I could have listened and I did have a choice. Next time I'll try to remember to count to 10 and listen to the Holy Spirit who was there all along.

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