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I Can Only Choose One

Galatians 1:6-10

I can only serve one. Daily I must chose. In our culture today that one is self. I was raised on military bases where USA is second only to God and family comes just under that. Self is fourth in line. To watch self be elevated to a status higher than God is so contrary to my very being that it makes me want to cry. That is on a broad scope. But in all of our hearts we all honor ourselves because we are a sinful people and we are a fallen people. So we, as slaves to Christ must wake up and daily thank Him for our breath and once again surrender ourselves to the one who made us. Must daily take up our cross and put down our own desires for the agenda of our King. The good news is that the life HE has planned is infinitely better and more rewarding than the one we can give ourselves. We can each only serve one master. Mine has to be Christ.

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