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Humble and Kind

Humble and Kind. Those are the words that have been orbiting my universe for the past week. I have heard it spoken from the pulpit and sung on the radio. It has been a mantra in my head. In this world of self satisfaction and shock value, humble and kind are not words you hear or even think about anymore. But when faced with adversity, they are what you need. They are not my go to and certainly not what my flesh wants. But my soul craves them like a new baby craves the warmth of his mother. Why, when retribution is taught to be so self satisfying, does my soul still whisper “humble and kind” over and over? Because it is it’s life blood. If I want to keep from bitterness, envy, strife, hatred, all things that the flesh wants and Satan wants, then I must remain humble and kind. Always humble and kind. There’s no other way when one walks with Jesus. It’s the way of love.

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