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Happy Sabbath, John 5

Jesus heals a man. He heals him on the Sabbath, which is a big no no in the eye of Jewish law. But that’s just the thing, it was Jewish Law and NOT the law of God! They didn’t like Jesus because he broke their law (how dare he 😱) AND he had the audacity to say he was equal to God!!. BUT here’s the thing, He IS equal to God (newsflash, because He IS God) 🎉 and His law trumps ANY man made law or doctrine. And He tells them that - for 28 verses!!! I believe this is the most he ever goes into telling the leaders of the temple exactly who He is. I could be wrong, that's just my thought. He lays it out for them and we would do well to listen. Jesus is not only God's son - he IS God and all authority to judge had been given to him. His law trumps any laws and practices we can come up with so it’s probably a good idea to familiarize ourselves with them! When we seek Jesus and His ways through scripture reading and prayer, we can bet He is faithful to give us His spirit to increase our understanding and wisdom. Stay in the scripture - that’s where it’s at!

Seek justice

Love mercy

Walk humbly with God

Love Him above all, and others as much.

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