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Proverbs 2: Guard Yourself with This Recipe

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Proverbs 2:

Knowledge, discretion, wisdom, understanding, justice, integrity. Who wouldn’t want those? But it is clear we will never get those on our own. How can we? This world is so full of self centeredness, hatred, confusion, sin. Only by seeking the One who can give it to us and guard us with it can we ever hope to gain knowledge and wisdom. And not only gain, but be protected by understanding and justice. To be wise and to have peace in all circumstances knowing that we are cherished above all creation. Knowing that there is a plan and we are part of it. That we are surrounded by understanding and wisdom. To know HIS word and seek HIS knowledge is a gift that should not be accepted lightly. Then run for it, seek it, never neglect it. If you do, HE IS FAITHFUL to grant you these things.

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