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Good morning on this epically cold day!

I currently have a grown kid asleep and two more playing in their rooms. The dogs are crying to go out and the cat wants food. I am ignoring them all. I want my coffee and to savor the peace that only lasts a too short time before the world invades just a little longer. Before I remember it's not about me. Before I jump into mom mode, cook mode, work mode, teacher mode, and all the modes that the world likes to call me. How about you? What does the world call you? What do you call you when you let that voice in your head talk? Does it tell you things you don't like to hear? Can I please remind you today before all those voices invade that the voice of God would like a moment as well? He tells you that you are LOVED, WORTHY, BEAUTIFUL, ENOUGH, and, NEVER ALONE. I welcome you here. A safe place to jump into scripture and share your thoughts. Remember you are loved, and experience life with me!


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