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God is God, Not the Neighbor

I am still waist deep in Ezekiel this Lenten season and reading about Gods wrath and judgement. So many times I have written here or in a group that we cannot ignore the judgement side of God! Yes, He is slow to anger, compassionate and forgiving. Yes He is love. Yes he poured out His love for us in the ultimate sacrifice and gave up His life so that we may live. BUT He is also GOD. And He is to be feared and respected. And we are to observe the fact that HE is to be first in our lives - nothing else. I think, I am sure this is where we miss the mark. We aren’t going out and murdering or openly committing adultery, or stealing. But we are putting our love of worldly things above God. We are not giving Him the recognition that is due to HIM alone. Our Pride and love of self and things has taken precedent over the one true God and He will not stand for that forever. And shame on us for not recognizing that.

We watch children treat their parents like any other kid and click our tongues and say “shame on them”. Are we not doing the same to God? But He isn’t any other thing in our life. If it weren’t for Him, we would not have woken up this morning, taken that breath, known the joy of being alive. To God be the glory and the power, for we are but dust.

May we never forget that God is both love and judge. May we seek Him for comfort and fear His righteousness.

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