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Go Ahead and Leap

Abram has been promised that all people will be blessed through him. So he leaves everything at 75 years old. He leaves the comfort of his home. He packs up all of his things, takes all of his servants and heads out. To where? He has no idea! He isn’t alone with Sari in a tent as people picture it. The Bible tells us he has acquired people, things, his wife, his nephew all of his nephews things - there’s a whole village moving out with him that will depend on him. The logistics are enough to scare me into staying, at least until there’s a plan and a place to stay when I know where I’m going! But Abram hears, and he goes. Because he knows there is a promise. And he doesn’t even get to see that promise. He believes without seeing!! How many of us can say the same? We, the generation of instant gratification. Where we die if we don’t get online purchases within a couple days! Not only did Abram believe, but it would be another 26 years before he would even have a child to fulfill the hope of the start of that promise. Why am I pointing this out? Because it is a great reminder that even when we can’t see the answer right away, God is still faithful. He is still working. He doesn’t forget about us. He is good for his word and He doesn’t give up - even when we may. So hang tight and remember, we have a Great God who wants what is best for us. We just need to rest in His plan and know that even when it may not make sense - His way truly is the best way and the right way.

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