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Galatians 6:7-10 Fight the Good Fight

You can’t bake a cake and expect to pull from the oven a steak and you can’t gossip and expect others to trust you. You reap what you sow. It’s true 100% of the time because God won’t be mocked and He doesn’t change. If you spend your life seeking to please God and trusting His ways - you will end up with eternal life; seek the ways of the world, the ways of Satan, you will end up in Hell. They call it the pleasures of the flesh because sin is fun. If it wasn’t fun we wouldn’t have a problem with it. And if following God wasn’t hard, we wouldn’t have to be continually reminded to not give up. But we are reminded and not only that, we are given the Holy Spirit to help us. And the reward is worth it! For even though we are here now, it is only a short time compared to the eternity that our reward will be. So don’t give up!! Keep following and serving that which is good. Fight the good fight. Sow in the spirit and shun the temptation of what the world has to offer, it is short lived anyway.

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