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Finally Peace

Genesis 31-33.

You can make amends with your family and not spend every day with them. Jacob finally breaks free from Laban and leaves to go back home to Canaan. But on his way, he knows he will encounter Esau. Whether he knows this when he starts out or not is irrelevant as he is just obeying God and going home. Nevertheless, Esau is coming and the time has come. Would you be scared? I would! Last time they met Esau wanted to kill Jacob. Again, I don’t really think much of Jacob as a man but he is finally growing some. At least he sends servants with livestock as gifts (not a bad idea) and then puts behind him his wives and children. Good thing Esau grew up as well. I love seeing Esau in this passage especially. He may have made some poor decisions when he was younger, tired and hungry (haven’t we all), but he made peace with God it seems and is content with his life. He still prospered, even if he wasn’t the line through which Jesus would come. He was also able to forgive. To forgive and go on with his life. How many of us are able to do the same? To forgive and let go and receive the rest of our own life’s blessings? If we can’t do that, we will always be stuck in the past and chained to what was. When we are chained to what was, we will be forever stuck with discontent and bitterness.

Genesis 33:4 says “but Esau ran to meet him and embraced him and fell in his neck and kissed him and they wept.” But they didn’t stay together - we don’t need to either. Closure, no more fear. And continue on with their lives. What a sweet sweet thing. Is there someone you need to forgive today? You don’t have to be best friends with them or even talk to them again - but do you need to know the fence has been mended? It’s a great day for it!

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