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Exodus 7/8 Will it Take a Plague for You?

I want to say God starts small, if there is such a thing. But really, have you ever had an infestation of gnats or flies in your home? Those tiny small things are horrible!! And frogs... no thank you! One, brought to me in a little boys hand with a look of pride on his face is one thing. But to have them in every crevice of my home is an entirely different story, and not one I would like to be part of. Not to mention the blood. God doesn’t randomly send plagues. He doesn’t sit on his thrown and think, “hmm, how can I mess with those Egyptians today?” He is creator over all people and he always has a plan. We were made to worship. That’s what we were created to do. And the Egyptians worshipped false gods. Since we were created by God, we needs to worship Him and not some made up god. The plagues were designed not just to set the chosen people free, but to systematically tear down the false religion of the Egyptians and point to the one true God who is creator over all. Blood in the Nile - refuted Hapi. Frogs - Heqt. Gnats - Hathor and Nut. Flies - Shu and Isis.

And He is just getting started.

What are the little gods running around in your life that need tearing down? At first you want to instinctively say NOTHING! But look a little closer - anything at all that keeps you from giving time to God is a little god. You know what they are. Can you put it down? Trade it for 5 extra minutes with God? I promise - it’s worth it!

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