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Exodus 17/18: You are Noticed

If you live for the Lord, word will get out. Conversely, if you say you live for the Lord and don’t - word will get out about that as well. People talk. Actions speak louder than words. The Israelites were followers of the one true God and word was spreading. The caravans that traveled the trade routes through the Fertile Crescent took stories of a large group of people favored by their god who supposedly took down the Egyptian Empire! Not only that, they have now taken out Amalak, their God must be all powerful! Word gets around. You may think no one sees the good you do, but they do, you don’t need to say a word. It’s ok if you don’t think they notice. They do, and so does God. And really, if you think about it, that’s enough. We don’t serve man, but God who decides our eternal as well as our now.

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