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Exodus 1&2: God's Got This

I am excited to move into Exodus this morning! The population of the Hebrews exploded and they filled the land that only 70 had inhabited. So much so that Pharaoh was scared. He didn’t know of the prominence of Joseph, and only knew that if these people sided with their enemies, they were doomed. Fear is a funny thing. It will cause us to do things we normally would not do. The Israelites could have been a strong ally, instead they were forced into slavery and would eventually be the downfall of an Egyptian empire.

Moses knew he was a Hebrew and was raised as an Egyptian prince. He was caught between two worlds and was scared. He hated what was being done to his people but was still in the courts, not exactly loved by his king. When he stood up for his people and was found, out of fear he ran to escape being killed by Pharoah.

God knows. He always knows. He is working and will continue to work in our weakness to fulfill His plans and to bring about the good that is His will.

Can we trust him? Can I? Can you? What does it take to step out of the fear and walk boldly, knowing that even if I don’t have this, God does and that’s alright. May the grace of our Lord and the peace of Christ be with you today. I pray that you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, even if you are scared - if you are a Christ follower, you are in the hands of God. And if you don’t have it all together, that’s ok; because Christ does, and you are His.

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