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Eve was Decieved!

I am reading through Genesis to follow along with the Lent reading plan that was suggested by my daughter.It got me thinking about relationships and how we were designed to need each other in completely unique ways. Also, how peace can only be had when we are operating in God’s plan for us and allowing our plans to line up with His. In the garden, the serpent deceived Eve. Why not Adam? Because Adam isn’t as trusting as Eve. Adam isn’t as vulnerable as Eve. We women were created as nurturing beings, and as such, want to see the good, not the possible evil intentions of others. Adam, I think would have entered into some sort of philosophical debate with the serpent and done all he could just to prove he was right. Satan would have slithered away, frustrated as all get out If he had gone after Adam. But Eve was the easier target. And why did Adam so easily take the fruit from Eve then? If you recall, God made Eve from, and specifically for Adam because he needed her! It was not good for him to be alone so God made him a helper - Eve. He trusted her, even though he was right there with her. Ladies, our men need us and trust us! They rely on us and shame on us if we don’t hold that fragile trust so carefully in our hearts and hands. How shameful the way society has treated that, showing men as blundering buffoons and women and these people who have it all together. We were made to compliment and help our men, not tear them down. Please let’s accept the awesome responsibility we have been given with awe and trembling and do our best to do right by it! When Eve did not, it caused a whole mess for the rest of us!! God allowed strain in the relationship between a man and woman, between man and soil, and as a reminder that Eve birthed sin into the world - pain in childbirth for women as well. I would say that the greater sin wasn’t in allowing ourselves to be deceived, but in passing the sin on to another that we have been put on this earth to help and take care of. And for Adam, the greater sin would be in not leading and stopping the deceived - he was with Eve so the Bible tells us. His roll would have been to step up and stop the deceiver in his tracks. Why didn't he? I don't know the answer to that question. When we step out of the roles that the Father designed for us, there is no peace. My prayer for you today is that you seek the peace of the Father and look to see if you are working in His plan for you - or are you working in Your plan for you? are you doing what you have been put here to do and are you fulfilling the tasks put before you With honor and integrity.

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