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Ephesians 6: It Matters

My God is your God and we are brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus if we are saved by His blood sacrifice and are living in the Spirit. It does not matter if we are a parent, a child, an employee, or the boss. It would not matter if we were a mere slave. What matters is that we serve our God. That we do all things as if doing it for Him. As if He were sitting right next to us and it was our gift to him. Everything that we do is our offering because everything we do directly reflects our life in Him. We mirror our love for Him and His love for us in the outpouring of gratitude which is our life. In doing that, every single person we come into contact with. (And now due to social media, even those we may never see) will know whether our God is a loving merciful God to be worshiped and praised, or a Vengeful Hateful God to be feared.

You never know who is watching and who will be introduced to Jesus because of something you say or do today. Conversely, you will never know who may miss that opportunity due to something they hear you say or do to someone today. So please remember in all things kindness, love, and mercy. “Knowing that he who is both their master and yours is in heaven and there is no partiality with Him.” Vs 9

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