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A single Word (John 20:16)

My husband can whisper my name in a crowd and my heart will stop for a beat in anticipation. My stomach will tighten, and I will get that subtle tingle at the base of my back, that excitement, because someone that knows me so well, so intimately well, and much more than anyone else in the room has called my name,noticed me, loved me.

The same is true when my grown children walk through the door without knocking and call out. Or when I get a phone call and hear the words, "Mom I need your help. Can we talk this through..."

Mom, Renee... I am known, seen. I know who it is immediately. Only intimacy, a life together does that.

"Mary"....... how she must've trembled.

Only Jesus.

Even if she logically could not comprehend, her heart would know. Her soul could never deny.

How could she not cling?

Lord, that I could know you like that! My prayer would be that my soul could not help but come to life, as I grow in my apprenticeship to you. As I walk with you, my daily dialogue become familiar as a marriage. So, when I hear my name, I cannot help but proclaim, "Rabboni!"

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