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A Master Storyteller

Genesis 38-39

God is THE master storyteller! On one hand you have the famous story of Joseph unfolding. He is being protected and groomed to be put over all of Egypt so that the Israelites will eventually end up there and begin the foretold 400 years of slavery. Many people don’t realize that Jesus was NOT from the line of Joseph, but through the line of Perez whom we meet in chapter 39. We must always pay attention to the side stories. Again God doesn’t wait for us to be perfect, and I am so glad. It would be so hard to live up to, wouldn’t it? We were made to worship Him and give thanks for all HE has done - not all we have accomplished with Him. What good news is that?!?! How freeing to know that I can’t ever be good enough and that’s OK. That God made a way, realizing this, for me to still be with him. And because of that, I will be eternally grateful and can spend my days in thanks trying to show others the same love! Will it be perfect? No. But it will be heartfelt. It will be sincere and it will be real.

So how did Perez get here? Well, like all good stories - there are twists and turns. Judah (one of Israel’s sons) did a big no no and went to the Canaanites for a wife (which is cool because it shows from the get go that God is for all people and not just for the Jews) and had three sons. The first one marries Tamar (Canaanite) and he dies, his brother takes her in and also dies. She is supposed to wait for the third brother (levarite marraige stuff that I won’t go into here but can be found in mosaic law duet. 25:5-10) but he was young. She waits. But Judah is scared this son will die as well so he doesn’t send him. Tamar (clever girl), wants to get her son in the family line. So she disguised herself as a prostitute and sleeps with Judah himself. Becomes pregnant. In a classic double standard is going to be put to death by burning. But, wait.... before sleeping with Judah she made him give her his signet ring, staff, and cord. Ooops, gig is up. Judah, humbled, states that indeed she is more righteous than he. She has twins and out comes PEREZ!! Line of Jesus, 1/2 Canaanite and son of a twisted plot. I promise - the Bible is never boring!

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