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1 Generation

Genesis 27

Interesting question for today. Isaac blesses Jacob just as was foretold. Rebekah knew that Jacob would rule over Esau, so when he went out to hunt and gather for his birthright, she sent Jacob to trick his father. Now, she favored Jacob to begin with. So, here is the question for the day. Both men birthed large nations and God could have blessed and brought forth Christ through either of them. Esau was the father of the Edomites and Jacob, the Israelites. Even if Esau was given the blessing of Isaac, God could still have brought forth the Israelites through Jacob. He doesn’t rely on our blessings. BUT I want to pose this to you - God knew the deceit that would happen, and told Rebekah of the future. She did not force Gods plan, simply played out what she was already going to do. God doesn’t need us. But we surely do need Him. We can mess things up pretty well on our own. Esau had already married outside of the clan to women that have been mentioned as not so great and showed a lack of regard for the traditions and covenants that had been set in place, I mean he sold his birthright for soup! On the other hand, Jacob’s statement as he was lying to his father struck me as glaring - vs 20, “because the lord YOUR god has granted me success” get that? Not MY god but YOUR God. Neither son was stellar. So we have to really put the blame here on Isaac and Rebekah. What can happen in one generation when God is not the absolute most important focus. Where is God in your families focus? During this Lent season, has Jesus been pushed to the back in the busyness? Can you take some time to bring Him back in focus? One generation. It’s up to you.

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