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1 Corinthians 12: What's Your Gift?

Whats your gift? Do you know? God has a given you a unique gift that is needed and essential to the building up of the church, His people. Are you using your gift? Or are you too busy looking at everyone else's gift, wishing you had theirs to know what yours is? That's what the people of Corinth were doing. They were so busy looking around that they missed the wonderful gift God had for each of them! Your unique gift is waiting , sitting there for you to use and it is needed! Do you have a showy gift of preaching or that of a prophet, probably not. But just as the internal organs are not out there for all to see, they are still vital for the workings and sustainablility of the body. And so is your gift vital to the functioning of Gods people! So, what is your gift? Apostle, prophet, teacher, miracle worker, healer, helper, administrator, do you have a gift of toungues, do you interpret them? Do you have a gift of knowing if someone is of a good spirit or not? God gives these gifts as He chooses, we don't get to pick. He knows yo better than you know you. Your gifts are perfectly suited to you. Your gifts are for the building p of the church and for His benefit. Just as the Corinthians were to stop wishing for "something better" and rejoice in the perfect allotment they were given, so are we to rejoice in the saving grace that we have and the gifts we have been given. Live freely in Gods grace and use our gifts for the benefit of His people.

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