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Love Because He Loved

Thoughts on Daily Life and the Scriptures

I once read that when God puts a calling on your life and confirms it, you don't need a second opinion.  No one else needs to understand your unique calling.  It is YOURS, given by GOD.  This is a place to reflect on the scriptures and to venture into the everyday as you find it, and live the calling that is uniquely yours.

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The Tombs

In finishing Genesis, I am taken back to the tomb of Abraham, Isaac, and now Jacob. Rebecca, Leah, and Sarah are also buried there. It’s...

It Is Enough

I just read Genesis 42-45. It is the story of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt. There have been Bible studies upon Bible studies in...

Finally Peace

Genesis 31-33. You can make amends with your family and not spend every day with them. Jacob finally breaks free from Laban and leaves to...

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